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You'll love our outstanding manicure table selection, which offers functionality and luxury in equal measure. You can find a broad array of nail desks to suit any need. Our options include models with varying numbers of drawers and configurations. We have single, double and bar versions in a wide range of finishes, colors and styles. Every piece represents a unique blend of comfort and functionality, backed by our extensive design experience. Our collection offers everything you need to accompany your manicure table, such as nail drying stations



Manicure Tables That Transform Your Space

The right manicure table is the very foundation of a manicurist’s work, a station where creativity flourishes, and nails are transformed into mini canvases of art. Selecting the best nail table is crucial to your technician’s comfort and efficiency. It also sets the stage for a relaxing experience for your guests. We have a fantastic nail desk collection that offers something for everyone. Browse our selection today and take your salon to the next level.

Manicure Tables Designed for Your Needs

The global nail salon market, valued at $12 billion, is vast, and you need to set your establishment apart from the competition. Manicure tables from Michele Pelafas give you the edge you want. If you’re looking for a nail desk with drawers, we have those, along with dual-station tables and models with cabinets. When you order a nail tech table from us, you have your choice of styles, finishes and configurations. We offer single desks, double tables and three- and four-person nail bars, all designed with your requirements in mind. You can easily find a style that matches the aesthetics of your space.

Manicure Table And Nail Desk
Nail Table

A Nail Table That Makes a Difference

The nail table represents a dedicated workspace for technicians to perform their craft. Without proper nail stations, manicurists would struggle to organize their tools, provide comfort to their clients, and maintain a hygienic environment.

  • Professionalism: A well-organized and clean nail tech table is an immediate indicator of a salon’s professionalism. Clients will generally trust a salon that offers them a clean, well-maintained space for their nail treatments.
  • Hygiene and safety: Manicures involve an array of tools, many of which are sharp or potentially hazardous if not handled correctly. Nail salon tables, especially those with in-built storage, ensure that instruments are kept safely, reducing the risk of accidents. They also help in maintaining sanitation, which is vital in preventing infections.
  • Efficiency and comfort: For a nail technician, the table is their primary workstation. Having all their tools and products within arm’s reach allows for a seamless workflow, reducing the time taken for each client and ensuring they can provide the best service possible. For guests, the ergonomic design of the table lets them remain comfortable throughout the session.

A manicure table from Michele Pelafas provides all these benefits and more, ensuring an ideal environment for your technicians and guests.

Companion Pieces for Your Nail Desk

Alongside the central nail desk in any well-equipped salon is an ensemble that enhances the functionality and efficiency of the manicure experience. One of the fundamental pieces is the tech stool, ergonomically designed to support long hours of detailed work. Matching this is the guest chair, crafted for comfort during extended sessions.

Paired with these are nail dry stations that provide spaciousness while ensuring efficiency. Then, there’s the nail polish display, an aesthetically pleasing stand that showcases a rainbow of nail color options, making choices more accessible for guests. Michele Pelafas offers all this and so much more to help create the salon of your dreams.

Manicure Table

Frequently Asked Questions About Manicure Tables

As a leader in salon aesthetics, Michele Pelafas has the manicure table answers you’re looking for. Read the following questions for additional information.

What Is the Best Table for a Manicure?

The best table for a manicure provides for the comfort of your technician and guest and enables the efficiency needed for your technician to perform optimal work.

What Depth Should a Manicure Table Be?

A manicure table should be deep enough to provide ample room for your technician to work. Michele Pelafas offers all the most popular depths, including 16, 18 and 19 inches.

Do You Offer Nail Desks With Drawers?

Yes, we offer a wide range of nail desks with drawers. You can pick from models with one, two or three standard drawers. Many of our nail salon tables also have an optional pencil drawer.



Order Manicure Tables Today From Michele Pelafas

If you want a manicure table that exudes style yet delivers maximum efficiency, you want a Michele Pelafas nail table. We offer nail stations that blend well with any decor. Explore our collection today and enjoy the Michele Pelafas difference.