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Pedicure Trolley Carts

Check out our sleek and functional modern pedicure carts, perfect for nail salons and spas. Designed with both style and practicality in mind, these carts effortlessly blend into any contemporary setting. With ample storage space, smooth-rolling wheels, and durable construction, they provide convenience and mobility for nail technicians. Elevate your salon experience today!



Premium Pedicure Carts for Enhanced Salon Efficiency

Michele Pelafas offers a range of pedicure carts designed to bring efficiency and style to any salon environment. Our pedicure trolleys are crafted with the professional in mind, combining functionality with a sleek design. These rolling pedicure carts are not only convenient but also add a touch of elegance to your workspace. Each portable pedicure cart is thoughtfully designed to be both durable and versatile, catering to the dynamic needs of modern salons. With ample storage and smooth mobility, these carts are an essential tool for organizing and streamlining your pedicure services.

Pedicure Carts
Pedicure Trolley

Why Choose Our Chic and Efficient Rolling Pedicure Carts?

Michele Pelafas’ modern portable pedicure carts perfectly blend style and functionality for nail salons and spas. Our carts are designed to seamlessly integrate into any contemporary setting, enhancing both the aesthetic and operational aspects of your salon.

  • Sleek Design for Modern Spaces: Our pedicure trolleys feature a modern design that complements any contemporary salon decor.
  • Ample Storage: Each rolling pedicure cart offers spacious storage, making it easy to keep essential tools and products at hand.
  • Smooth-Rolling Wheels: Each portable pedicure cart is equipped with smooth-rolling wheels for easy mobility around the salon.
  • Durable Construction: Built to last, our pedicure carts ensure a long-term addition to your salon equipment.

Enhance the efficiency and look of your salon with our functional and stylish portable pedicure carts.

Portable Pedicure Cart

Elevate Your Salon with Our Premium Portable Pedicure Cart Solutions

Improve your salon’s functionality and style with pedicure carts from Michele Pelafas. Designed for both elegance and practicality, our rolling carts are perfect for modern salons prioritizing efficiency and aesthetics. These versatile pedicure trolleys offer mobility and ample storage and cater to the diverse needs of busy salon environments. Our compact and portable designs ensure that your salon space is optimized without compromising on quality or design. To experience the fusion of luxury and utility, explore our rolling pedicure cart options online or visit one of our Design Studios + Showrooms to start the transformation of your salon today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pedicure Carts + Furniture

Find answers to common questions about our portable pedicure carts and how to bring a cohesive look to your salon with Michele Pelafas’ designs.

What Other Salon Storage and Organization Options Do You Have?

In addition to our portable pedicure carts, we have a wide variety of options that are designed to help you keep your salon tidy and efficient. We provide everything from retail wall displays to spa cabinets, all designed to keep your workspace organized while enhancing your salon’s overall look. These solutions are both practical and stylish, ensuring that every inch of your space reflects the professionalism of your business.

What Customization Options Are Available for Pedicure Carts?

Your pedicure trolley can be tailored to fit the decor and style of your salon with our available customization options. You can choose from a selection of laminate finishes to match your salon’s color scheme and select from various knob finishes to add a personal touch to your rolling pedicure cart. These options allow you to create a cohesive look throughout your salon, ensuring that even the functional elements align with your aesthetic vision.

What Other Pedicure Products Do You Offer That Can Coordinate with My Portable Pedicure Cart?

We offer a comprehensive range of pedicure furniture that will enhance and complement your spa or salon. This includes luxurious spa pedicure benches, ergonomically designed pedicure chairs, pedicure sinks and more. Each piece is crafted to coordinate with your rolling pedicure cart, both in function and style, ensuring a seamless look and experience for your clients.



Watch to See How to Incorporate Nail Tech Chairs Into Your Design Strategy

In her insightful video ’10 Design Strategies for a Standout Salon,’ Michele Pelafas, an esteemed manufacturer and designer of spa pedicure chairs and other salon equipment, shares her expertise in designing a salon that is visually striking and practical. Whether you purchase pedicure tech stools or a reflexology chair or want to organize your spa more effectively, she provides valuable guidance on optimizing every aspect of your salon’s layout and equipment.