Top Medical Aesthetic Interior Design Strategies for a Competitive Edge

February 04, 2023

It is common knowledge that great interior design helps the performance of any business. But today, design is a strategy to stand out from the competition.

With an increasingly high demand for aesthetic procedures and a saturated market to begin with, now more than ever is the time to show both existing patients and new ones that your practice brings with it a promising value proposition. Giving your business a competitive edge not only strengthens your brand identity, but it reinforces credibility among customers and plays a major role in building loyal patronage.

Here are four interior design strategies that’ll help make your business stand out from the rest.

“Giving your business a competitive edge strengthens your brand identity, reinforces credibility and plays a major role in building loyal patronage.”

— Michele Pelafas



Adopting an approach to dynamic design means using your real estate to create interactive spaces that are memorable, inspirational, and invoke collaboration. This strategy is all about running towards the technological movement of social media — not away from it — by providing visual interest that will eventually drive engagement on these platforms.

Think: A standout accent wall, a statement chandelier, a neon sign, an oversized chair. What will make your space memorable? What will encourage your patients to want to share their experience with others? Integrating such elements into your practice can also be a way to inject personality into your brand’s story.

A dynamic design doesn’t mean every inch of your space has to be designed like a photo opp — you can incorporate visually appealing, buzzy designs on a smaller scale (such as, in the restroom or as wall art) and still get the same effect.

“Interior design brings with it a promising value proposition for the increased high demand for aesthetic procedures and a saturated market.”

— Michele Pelafas



Spending time developing your brand identity is crucial to making a lasting impression on your patients. The roadmap to this isn’t a one-size-fits-all and it may take some digging to cement your story— but that’s what makes your practice unique.

Whether you’re a pen-to-paper vision board enthusiast or prefer Pinterest, allow yourself the time to engage in this creative process. Think about what you want your practice to convey and what you want people to take away from it. For instance, if you prioritize cleaner, plant-based formulas, adopt a biophilic design via a bamboo wall panel, a fountain stream, live greenery, and skylights to bring in natural light.

Also, consider your brand’s target demographic. Is it Gen X, in which eclectic patterns, uncluttered spaces, and more modern looks will appeal? Or is it the millennial who will appreciate a more curated design outfitted with bespoke furniture and multifunctional pieces?

“Great design doesn’t mean every inch of your space has to be designed like a photo opp — think visually appealing, buzzy designs on a smaller scale such as a bathroom wall.”

— Michele Pelafas



Your space should ooze a warm, inviting atmosphere that makes each client feel safe and taken care of. This is especially true for new patients — whether they’re new to your practice or it’s their first experience with a new treatment — who may be experiencing feelings of anxiety prior to their appointment.

In design, appealing to the positive emotions can be achieved many ways, the easiest being to use the right color palette for your walls, flooring, decor, and furniture. Bright colors are typically synonymous with a nurturing, positive energy, but if these don’t fit your brand identity, you can still appeal to the positive emotions with moody grays and neutrals. Try reserving these colors for accent areas (such as a rug, a piece of artwork, or even lightly dimming your waiting areas) rather than making them the focal point of your space (such as your main wall color). If neutral tones are more your speed, you can also try strategically placing these hues alongside more vibrant colors to add balance (for instance, a gray-bodied throw pillow with bright yellow stripes).

Other ways of creating a positive environment can involve hanging inspiring artwork onto a bare wall, incorporating an area rug to soften up your space and add warmth, and inviting elements of nature such as live plants, natural light, and scenic wallpaper.

Aside from these design tactics, aim to keep your space clutter-free (especially in the entrance and welcome area, which is the first thing your clients will see when they walk in). Studies have shown that clutter can contribute to feelings of stress and anxiety, and can negatively affect one’s well-being.

“Using design to speak about your medical aesthetic practice is an effective way to convey trust and credibility while building hope for a future.”

— Michele Pelafas


Embrace the Trends

Trends are everywhere — fashion, beauty, pop culture, food. Interior design also makes the list. It can be a missed design opportunity if you don’t at least have a basic idea of what design trends other businesses in your industry may be utilizing in their spaces. You don’t necessarily have to succumb to every new design trend that pops up (that would be way too costly). You also don’t need to make every element in your practice all about the trend. For example, take the 2023 design trend of stormy blues. To incorporate this into your space, try keeping your main pieces timeless and bringing in pillows, a vase, or a light fixture in an oceanic hue to bring home the trend.

Trends are a great way to uplift your business if you feel it’s getting stale, or if you’re just craving a style shift. To stay ahead, you can follow interior design influencers, flip through design magazines, and keep in touch with local artists.

“Be sure to focus your stand-out design on your niche market whether it is a beautifully understated environment with every thoughtful detail or a bold space to convey confidence. ”

— Michele Pelafas

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