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Bringing Happiness Home




Ready to get your happy on?  2024 is filled with design trends that can play an essential role in providing a sense of comfort, relaxation, and happiness.  By incorporating any of these home design trends, you can have an environment that fosters joy and positivity.  Here are 2024 uplifting home décor trends to elevate your spirits and help you to “put on a happy face”.

“From bright colors and natural elements to personal touches and cozy spaces, there are numerous ways to infuse happiness into your home."
– Michele Pelafas


Primary Colors Trend:  Red, Blue and Yellow are having a moment and embracing this home design trend, can bring several benefits.  Primary colors are timeless and versatile, offering a lively and dynamic aesthetic to evoke a sense of warmth, tranquility and positivity in design.  Opt for a bold and vibrant aesthetic or a more subtle and classic look to add energy, personality and a sense of playfulness.  Overall, incorporating primary colors can make a home feel cheerful, uplift our moods and contribute to a sense of joy and creativity.


Mix + Match Trend:  This is a fun trend that offers surprise, humor and storytelling with bold, playful patterns and unexpected elements to evoke a sense of bliss.  Mixing and matching encourages creativity, self-expression and a departure from strict design rules for a personalized, eclectic style.  Consider pairing shiny and matte finishes, floral and stripe patterns, and or smooth and rough surfaces for a flexible home design that feels curated over time.  If you want to foster a sense of individuality and make your living space more engaging, this trend is for you.


Nostalgia Trend:  Embrace the nostalgia design trend, as a way to create a comfortable, cozy and sentimental living space for health and happiness.  Nostalgia design often incorporates elements from the past, triggering positive emotions and memories.  When you infuse your home with meaningful details and design, you create a sense of enduring familiarity, storytelling and a departure from the face-paced modern world.  Ultimately, nostalgia can add enjoyment to your home and a lasting, deeper connection to your living space.  


Spa Rituals Trend:  There are many benefits to the spa rituals home design trend.  From enhanced sleep quality and mindfulness to self-care and stress reduction, home spa-inspired designs promote health and well-being.   To embrace this trend, be sure to incorporate calming colors, soft textures and natural materials to mimic your best destination spa experience.  The Spa Rituals trend offers a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle within the confines of your living space for peace and contentment.


Back to Basics Trend:  The Back to Basics Home design trend emphasizes simplicity, practicality and natural materials.  This can promote joy by creating a calm and uncluttered space that feels grounded and authentic.  Look for clean lines and simple geometry in a raw, unfinished space.  Use wood, concrete, metal, earth tones and organic textures for a serene, uncluttered atmosphere.  The back to basics home design focuses on minimalism and functionality to foster contentment and a sense of freedom.


Green Living Trend:  Green living continues to trend and stand out in home design for 2024.  And while this trend emphasizes environmental sustainability and ethical considerations it provides a opportunity to satisfy our basic human need to be connected with nature to promote well-being and comfort.  We continue to see larger windows and movable walls with views to the outdoors.  This mindful and responsibility approach to home design fosters contentment with a harmonious and rejuvenating living environment.


Modularity Trend:   The Modularity trend emphasizes personalization, efficient use of space and the ability to adapt living spaces to changing needs for a sense of control and satisfaction. In design, modular furniture ore often used to maximize space to positively impact mood.  Storage solutions are also fluid.  This trend Life is dynamic, creating an environemtn that aligns with changing needs offers a sense of ownership, self expression and happiness.  allowing you to fully enjoy and appreciate your space.

By incorporating anyone of these 2024 uplifting home decor trends, you can transform your living space into a joyful sanctuary. From bright colors and natural elements to personal touches and cozy spaces, there are numerous ways to infuse happiness into your home. Remember, creating a happy home is a personal journey, so choose the elements that resonate with you and make your heart sing. Surround yourself with positivity, and let your living space be a reflection of your joyous spirit.



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