Salon Design Trends for Today

September 22, 2020

Salon Environments

Embrace These Trends for Success

As we enter into a new season, consider a trendy new look to embrace optimism and hope which leads to fulfillment, happiness and meaning.  Whether you are considering a small change or complete overhaul, a new design can contribute to your success.  Too, re-inventing yourself can bring about positive change.

By focusing on trends, you build credibility, trust and value to your staff and clients.  This is important now more than ever.  It shows that you know where your field is heading in the future.

Here are 5 salon design trends to embrace.

“A trendy design helps to build credibility, value and trust. This is important now, more than ever. ”

— Michele Pelafas


Minimal Luxe:  Luxury Minimal Design is one of the most relevant trends and a personal favorite of mine!   This trend is about creating the perfect balance between “less is more” and harmony.  It is all about form and functional, where every detail matters.  This includes finding the perfect silhouette and color palette, and mixing it with luxe, quality materials and finishes.  For me, minimal luxe design is accomplished through warmth.  It is represented with the most engaging materials and finishes that are easy to clean and sanitize.   In this business climate, minimalism is definitely in.  But elevating minimalism to a place that feels warm, welcoming and rich is what the Minimal Luxe trend is all about.


Interior Garden:   Large scale feminine florals are on trend.  Once thought traditional, they are now bold and daring.  Today’s florals fuel creativity, making it a perfect pairing for a beauty interior.  They are artful and very couture but with an edge.  They are fresh but somewhat disruptive. They are youthful with a bit of rebellion.  Opulent florals are grounded in elegance but offer a sense of strength and overall empowerment.  What is not to love?   When delicate and comforting meets bold and bright, it provokes the imagination.  It transforms space into something magical that only can be found in nature.

To do this trend right, make it about a single statement wall or ceiling.  Dare to go bold with a large scale print.  Make it about living color.  The print should have close-ups of big, detailed flowers.  Keep the rest of the wall colors solid, to not overpower.  Biophilic design (which blends interiors with our instinctive need for interaction with nature) is expected to reach its pinnacle in 2021.


Creating Serenity:  Wellness in salon design is a trend.  To accomplish this, consider updating your space with elements that engage the senses with lots of soft textures, relaxing scents, soothing music and dim lighting where you can (waiting and lounge areas) to promote a sense calm and relaxation.  These elements help our brains to slow down and impact the mood for tranquility and relaxation.  Research shows a correlation between our health and interior.  The links between art, aesthetics and well-being are well-known.  Other factors such as adequate daylight and views to nature play a role.  So do colors, acoustics, indoor air quality, ergonomics, scents and more.  Consider everything, from ventilation to lighting.  The wellness environment is multi-faceted and a movement.


Neutral Warming Colors:  Neutral-tones create a warm presence and help guests to feel intimate and welcomed.  This trend will continue as everyone is wanting to feel safe and secure.  Create your salon “safe-haven” with warm cozy neutral tones.  Neutral means without color.   From warm whites to soft taupes, these colors will not over saturate a space.  To successfully accomplish this design trend in a salon, add layers and textures using different hues of the same color for a sophisticated look.  Another tip is to design your space with warm hues that have a hint of color including pink, peach or gold.   Neutrals and soft warm color tones will make your space peaceful, timeless and even bring a zen-like character to your space.  This is the perfect trend for today and will never go out of style.


Contemporary Classic:  The top trend that exists in the interior design world today is contemporary classic.  It is the most versatile style and allows you to mix in other style categories such as boho or 80’s design.  The flexibility of this style allows you to create a stand out space while keeping it timeless.   It is the perfect foundation for creativity as you consider your brand identity.  With this style, it can be filled with personality.  Consider pairing a typical European style with bold shapes, colors, graphics and art.  The design opportunities are endless making it a perfect style for the salon and spa industry.

“A trendy new look shows your guests and staff that you are looking to the future and know where you are going.”

— Michele Pelafas

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