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Shop esthetician chairs from Michele Pelafas. Our ergonomic esthetician chair is designed for ultimate comfort, ensuring a relaxed and efficient treatment experience. Order your hydraulic esthetician chair from Michele Pelafas today.



Luxury and Functionality All in One Esthetician Chair

When you order an esthetician chair from Michele Pelafas, you get the best in style, design and comfort. We understand that the backbone of any reputable salon or spa is not just the quality of treatments offered but the comfort and ease with which they are delivered. That’s why we developed our line of esthetician chairs — furniture that perfectly blends ergonomics and luxury. Crafted from the finest materials, each esthetician chair in our collection is a paragon of comfort and functionality. The cushioning is thoughtfully designed to provide support where it’s needed most — cradling your guests in a cocoon of comfort that makes the salon experience truly memorable.

A Complete Range of Options

You can find exactly what you need in our carefully curated collection, including an esthetician chair with back support and an esthetician reclining chair. All are available in an exciting range of finishes, materials and styles suitable for any salon. Whether you want an electric esthetician chair or a hydraulic esthetician chair, we have a complete array designed to meet your specific requirements. Your options include models with under-chair storage and versions with and without arms. We’ve designed our ergonomic esthetician chair collection with the needs of your staff and guests in mind. Adjustable heights and angles are just some of the elements designed to facilitate the treatment process. When your client is at ease, it creates a more harmonious environment that allows your estheticians to focus on delivering their best work.

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A Style All Your Own

Luxury isn’t just about comfort — it’s also about style. A Michele Pelafas esthetician chair is a showpiece that effortlessly merges with any salon décor. Available in a range of styles, these chairs are more than just furniture. They are a statement. Customizable options for color and material allow you to curate a piece that is uniquely yours. After all, your salon’s aesthetic is a reflection of your brand, and we’re here to ensure that it shines in the best light possible.

Attention to Detail

What sets Michele Pelafas esthetician chairs apart is the craftsmanship. Every seam, every stitch and every contour is a testament to the meticulous care and expertise that go into making these chairs. Built to last, they are a long-term investment in your business’s reputation and success. When a client walks into your salon and sees Michele Pelafas furniture, it immediately communicates a promise of quality and luxury.

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Order Esthetician Chairs From Michele Pelafas Today

Michele Pelafas has esthetician chairs that your staff and your guests will love. Ergonomic and stylish, they deliver everything you expect from an industry leader. Shop now for the esthetician chair you need, and take advantage of everything we offer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Esthetician Chairs

There are more than 45,400 licensed estheticians employed in the United States. Michele Pelafas strives to serve them with the best spa and salon furnishings available. We have a vast amount of knowledge to share to help you understand your options. Read these questions for the answers you need about esthetician chairs.

Do You Offer Hydraulic or Electric Models?

We offer both electric and hydraulic esthetician chairs.

What Is the Shipping Time for Esthetician Chairs?

Once we notify you that your esthetician chair order is ready, transit time can take seven to 10 days within the contiguous 48 states.

Do You Accept Returns?

We accept standard product returns and exchanges, although restocking fees may apply. Special order items are not eligible for returns.



Esthetician Chairs and So Much More

Our esthetician chairs are just one example of the outstanding selection of salon and spa furnishings we offer. We have an expansive line of specialized furniture designed for various applications, ensuring that every aspect of your spa or salon exudes sophistication and quality. Michele Pelafas spa guest seating sets the tone for an extraordinary experience the moment a client walks in. From elegant armchairs to lavish sofas, the seating options are designed to offer unparalleled comfort while reflecting the aesthetic of your space.

Our med spa chairs redefine the concept of luxury in medical esthetics. These chairs are plush and comfortable and seamlessly integrate medical functionality. Our IV infusion chairs are engineered for maximum comfort during lengthy infusion sessions, with cushioning that molds to the body and fully adjustable settings.

And we haven’t forgotten about your staff. Practitioners shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort, and our line of med therapist stools ensures they don’t have to. We also offer a complete range of accessories, like therapist trolleys, to complement our stools.