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Beauty Salon Mirrors With Lights

Bring bright, warm, natural light to your styling and make-up areas with our Michele Pelafas salon LED lighted mirrors.  Full length, three quarter length and chest length available.  These are the essential lit mirrors that you have been looking for!  Our Beauty, Flawless, Perfect and Signature mirrors offer superior salon quality, unparalleled brightness and clarity.  If you are looking for the perfect lighting for make-up application and styling, our salon LED lighted mirrors are for you.  The Michele Pelafas lighted mirrors combine both design and function for the salon.  Now you can have excellent clarity and your guests will look better too.  These LED lit mirrors distribute light evenly across the face, allowing you to work with precision and without shadows.  Our lighting also provides the best color-accurate light for salon tasks.  With its perfect day-lighting technology you can have confidence.  At the same time, you will shower your clients with comfortable, clear and enhancing light.  Full length mirrors and custom sizes available.