Beauty Candles: Ready, Set, Glow!

October 16, 2020

Welcome to my New Collection

Michele Pelafas beauty candles

Yes, Beauty Candles!  Beauty Candles have been part of my vision for years.  My ultimate goal was to have a unique collection of candles that inspired a feeling of beauty.  I wanted to capture the essence of the “beauty experiences” found in the hundreds of luxury salons and spas that we have designed over the years and “bottle” them.

Just as our interiors promote transformation and speak to the human spirit, so do these candles.  In this case, through a gentle glow, experience and captivating scent.  So, no surprise, the intricacies that went into developing these candles was along the same process for which we create our environments.

The Beauty Candle Collection consists of four olfactive narratives:  Cleanse, Clarify, Cream and Within.  Each of these unfold like a salon and spa experience, as the mind’s eye submits to the nose.  “Put on a happy face” with Cleanse.  “Embrace your inner goddess” with Within.  “Take center stage” with Clarify.  And “Indulge because you are worth it” with Cream, our signature candle.

While each candle has its own scent profile and story, they all promote a feeling of beauty and transformation to “get lit from within”.


— Michele Pelafas


Cream Beauty Candle is the candle that started it all.  It is known for its rich powers to nourish, pamper and comfort.  You feel pretty, witty and bright.  As these scents envelop and wrap you in luxury, prepare to be relaxed, welcomed, and restored to your healthiest-youthful center.

Scent Profile: Milky Coconut, Ripened Apricot, Soft Lavender, Vanilla and Sheer Woods

“Cream is the Cashmere of the Collection. Indulge Because You're Worth It.”

— Michele Pelafas


Cleanse Beauty Candle brings the transformative powers to renew, uplift and refresh.  You feel clear, happy and light.  As these scents take hold, prepare to be invigorated, calm, and revitalized to take on the world.

Scent Profile: Refreshing Verbena, Lemongrass, Fresh mint, Eucalyptus, White tea

“With Cleanse, I feel my face soften, my eyes open and a calm smile wash over me”

— Michele Pelafas


Clarify Beauty Candle is the no-nonsense bold beauty candle with powers to balance, center and purify.  You feel confident, focused, graceful and care-free.  As these scents unfold, be prepared to let go and feel easy-breezy and uplifted in the comfort of earthy surroundings.

Scent Profile: Sheer woods, Lemongrass, Clarifying Thyme, Oak Moss & Frankincense

“No kidding, I sit up taller when I am using Clarify. Every single time.”

— Michele Pelafas


Within Beauty Candle brings the transformative powers to awaken your feminine energy.  You feel empowered, grounded, creative, uplifted, strong and sexy.  As these intoxifying scents unfold, be prepared to immerse yourself in your own nurturing energy and wisdom

Scent Profile: Sweet Orange, Fresh Spice, Vetiver, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Tonka

“I have personally experienced the feeling of transformation that each candle brings. They are addicting, almost magical. The question is, what one to choose?”

— Michele Pelafas