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Beauty Candles

You can feel beautiful in your everyday.  These candles have the transformative powers to change how you feel, simply put.  If you open yourself up to the process and embrace your beauty mantra, these fragrant candles will help you get lit from within and feel beautiful.

Beauty Candles have been part of my vision for years. My ultimate goal was to have a unique collection of candles that inspired a feeling of beauty. I wanted to capture the essence of the “beauty experiences” found in the hundreds of luxury salons and spas that we have designed over the years and “capture” those experiences in the form of a gentle glow and scent of a candle.  The truth is, when I first developed these candles, I had no idea how these candles would change my life.  Now I can't live without them.  The entire candle collection is just like having that line of good skin care products in your arsenal.  We know that great skin is not simply a matter of DNA.  It's your daily habits that have an impact on what you see in the mirror.  These candles do the same for how you feel.  These candles cater to your mood and benefit your desired vibe with each candle fragrance narrative at your disposal.

 Today, the Beauty Candle Experience is yours to transform your mind, body and soul.  These soy-based 3-wick fragrance candles will ignite your inner beauty glow.  They inspire a feeling of beauty, self reflection and transformation.

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