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How Saying This *ONE WORD* Can Take Your Business to The Next Level


How Saying This *ONE WORD* Can Take Your Business to The Next Level

When I tell people I’m an interior designer, they often imagine fun workdays filled with pretty fabric swatches and color palettes. (And hey… sometimes it IS like that! 😊) But as you likely know, running a business isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. And sometimes we make decisions that can either catapult us to the next level, or push us back 3 paces.

Take, for instance, the time I had to create an entire showroom from scratch in under two weeks.

“Do You Have a Showroom We Can Visit?”

Imagine you run an interior design business when, out of the blue, you get a call from a prospect in London. They’re interested, they’re excited, and they want to see your products up close. There’s just one catch… they ask, “Do you have a showroom we can visit?”

Well, that was me not too long ago. But here’s the thing: We had no showroom. Not a single square foot of space designed to showcase our products. But did that stop us? Not for a second.

“Yes, of course we have a showroom,” we told them, “Come visit us!”

As I hung up the phone, I looked at my assistant Valerie who was now fully tuned in and slightly in shock.

The Race Against Time

Just like that, we had just TWO WEEKS to create a showroom out of thin air. It was a race against time to build floors, lights, chairs, etc., and create a space that not only existed… but looked out of this world. 

Then we hit our first sticking point… we had no one to handle the upholstery.

In a stroke of ingenuity (and maybe a bit of desperation), my husband posted a notice on a Corvette forum of all places. The power of community came through for us because someone from that forum stepped up, and they are still with us today! 😊

Finally… We (Somehow) Did It!

2 weeks later, our makeshift showroom was finished (just in time, too!) 👇

The prospect from London came, saw, and was thoroughly impressed. They loved it so much, that they placed a $100K order, and I had the incredible opportunity to go to London for their grand opening.

This just goes to show what’s possible when you say “YES!” first and figure out the “How?” later.

It’s about turning challenges into opportunities and not being afraid to take bold steps to realize your vision. Our makeshift showroom wasn’t just a space; it was a statement of our commitment, innovation, and the lengths we’d go to for our clients.

At the end of the day, saying that one word—”YES”—took our business to the next level… and it can for you too.

Looking to Build Your Dream Space?

If you’re ready to bring your dream space to life and want to make sure it’s done right… I’m here to help.

Click here to request a free 1-on-1 design consultation with me.

Together, we can make your vision a reality by building a space that reflects your brand, meets your needs, and exceeds your expectations.



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