April 07, 2019


The Heart + Soul of My Company

My fascination with designing and building started at an early age.  Growing up, I lived in a modest two-bedroom home with my mom, dad and two sisters.  I happened to share one of the tiny bedrooms with both of my sisters.  When my parents decided to remodel the home with a second-story addition – it meant that I was going to have my own bedroom.  Back then, that was a very big deal, I was seven years old, after all.  What I didn’t know, was that the remodel would become more than just a bedroom for me.

When construction started, that summer break, it was sunny and warm.   I would lay on the lawn in the backyard and watch as the wood frame construction was built against the cheerful blue sky.  I can smell the wood now.  The framework seemed to tower over the trees and I was captivated by how everything would come together:  the structure, the windows, the roofing – the lighting – the stairs.   The journey, the building, the experience; it became a part of me.  That summer, I understood a lot more than just about home additions.  I learned that anything was possible.

As a designer and entrepreneur, all these years later, the heart and soul of my company is designing and building; authentic, real and raw.  The entire team at Michele Pelafas is made up of designers and craftspeople.  I love sharing my passion with them.  At any time during the day, you can find us using our hands sketching, drawing, sewing, upholstering and wood working; blending our true creative talents into livable designs and furniture pieces that represent quality, style, sophistication and attention to detail. 

I appreciate the world of fine craftsmanship and design, whether it is the making of jewelry, a hand bag or a custom home.  The details truly matter.  In my work, I obsess over these details making sure that each furniture piece and every interior design, bears the hallmark of fine design, knowing that – at the end of each day – everything was made with tender loving care.  The reward is seeing our furniture pieces and interior designs come to life, much like my childhood home did that warm summer break. 

“The journey, the building, the experience; it became a part of me.”

— Michele Pelafas

Building my company was a manifestation of my soul, it was not a dream that I had pursued.  For me, it was doing what I intrinsically believed in, one day at a time.   This meant doing the hard work and following my instincts; not chasing dreams but taking risks and gaining experience.  This has lead me to where I am today and is still how my business continues to unfold.  The truth is, I don’t wear a hard hat most days.  In fact, very rarely do my job sites require them but I won’t be giving up my hard hat any time soon.

In a funny sort of way, the hard hat represents the protection and strength that we need in business – and in every day life – to keep us on track and prepare us to take the difficult hits when they come (and they often do).  It symbolizes forging ahead in safety so we can be brave and be bold.