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| Michele
Luxury Salon Design by Michele Pelafas


Large Scale Feminine Florals are Having a Moment

Large scale feminine florals are having a moment.  Once thought traditional, they are now bold and daring.  Today’s florals fuel creativity, making it a perfect pairing for a beauty interior.  They are artful and very couture but with an edge.  They are fresh but somewhat disruptive. They are youthful with a bit of rebellion.  Opulent florals are grounded in elegance but offer a sense of strength and overall empowerment.  What is not to love?   When delicate and comforting meets bold and bright, it provokes the imagination.  It transforms space into something magical that only can be found in nature.

To do this trend right, make it about a single statement wall or ceiling.  Dare to go bold with a large scale print.  Make it about living color.  The print should have close-ups of big, detailed flowers.  Keep the rest of the wall colors solid, to not overpower.  If you opt for a more delicate floral, pair it with an abstract or unexpected pattern.  Animal print, for example, will give it that edge.  Add pillows, mirrors and vases that have a complimentary floral motif.

"Metals such as gold, champagne and bronze will give structure in a design. But keep furniture soft and clean to balance the intricacy of a botanical and floral motif."
– Michele Pelafas

You can use florals in a modern way.  Add metals such as gold, champagne and bronze to give the room structure.  Keep furniture soft and clean to balance the intricacy of the botanical and floral images.  Furniture colors should be neutral when using a colorful floral.  Or consider a dramatic neutral floral such as black and white for a monochromatic design and add a punch of color.

For lighting, a modern light pendant will set the tone.  Make sure tat it is feels light and not heavy so that the statement wall stands out.  A voluptuous floor lamp will add a contemporary twist.  In a commercial application, make sure that the wall covering is fire retardant and has a vinyl coating for easy cleaning.

Let these florals heighten your space!  Embrace the magic of nature.

Large Pink Floral Wall Covering by Michele Pelafas
Botanical Floral Wall Covering by Michele Pelafas
Deep Purple Floral Wall Covering by Michele Pelafas



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