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Nail Spa & Salon Design

Michele Pelafas, Inc is the premier resource for today's nail spa and salon including professional design services, strategic interior design planning, custom manufacturing, wholesale spa equipment, furniture and accessories for today's nail spa and salon.  From floor plans and lighting to custom pedicure chairs and benches, we are dedicated to exceptional service, quality and providing the finest in nail spa design and luxury across the US and abroad.  View client list 

If you are planning a new, remodel or expansion nail spa or salon project, give us a call.  We have extensive experience in the design and development of nail spa and salon interiors; our team of experienced designers can help you create your project to fit your brand, budget and style.  We work with owners, operators, chains and franchise companies in all aspects of nail spa design from conceptual planning to construction details and installation.  One resource, one company.


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