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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Interior Beauty Secrets of Solaia Luxury Salon & Spa

Our salon interior design project for Solaia Luxury Salon & Spa in Naperville, Illinois won Salon of Distinction 2018 with Salon Today Magazine. With this entry we will take you on a journey through the eyes of interior designers.

* * * 

When you enter Solaia Luxury Salon & Spa a beautiful motion display of landscape scenery begins your luxury beauty experience.

Guests are greeted by 6 LCD monitors at Solaia Luxury Salon & Spa in Naperville, Illinois.

At the salon's reception desk there is a gorgeous white sparkle stacked ledge stone. The reclaimed-looking porcelain floor tiles provide a distressed, vintage-factory wood floorboard aesthetic while coordinating with classic herringbone patterns.

Salon and spa retail spaces should be organized and clean for to properly showcase product offerings.

When you pass the salon and spa retail area, the Hospitality Lounge comes into view. It is the heart of this establishment and was designed to invite guests to linger and indulge. 

This luxury sofa was upholstered in our custom peacock color from the Michele Pelafas Spring 2018 Collection.

Here guests relax on a custom peacock colored sofa beside a gorgeous fireplace. Above this tranquil space hangs a beautiful starburst chandelier that pays homage to its company logo mark - the sun.

A picturesque arrangement of custom furniture styling stations, nail tables, and pedicure chairs.

A picturesque arrangement of custom furniture including styling stations, nail tables, and a make-up unit made from the same reflective high gloss acrylic material as the custom reception desk, enriches the interior by providing depth, clarity, and durability. 

Solaia's styling stations feature mirrors with integrated retail displays and perimeter lighting.

Solaia's tailor-made chic styling chairs were upholstered in a custom luxury faux hair on hide, which is highly durable and perfect for the salon environment. The exotic, rich and warm tone of this high style fabric will be seen again in the shampoo room.

Beauty is in the details at Solaia Luxury Salon & Spa.

Every detail was carefully designed to personalize the beauty experience and promote a hospitality style environment.

Interior Design & Furniture By Michele Pelafas, Inc.

Salon of the Year 2018: Solaia Luxury Salon & Spa on Salon Today.


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