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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Style, Technology, & Comfort Collide: The Ultimate Pedicure Bench

The pedicure bench was born in response to the nail industry looking for something fresh and new in lieu of the “traditional pedicure spa” that we have seen over the past 25 years.  With salon and spa owners wanting pedicure furniture that is comfortable, inviting and makes a statement about their business, the pedicure bench trend continues.

Still today, when we begin speaking with our clients, the first question for many is:  “Is the pedicure bench comfortable?”  The answer is yes, when the bench is built to the proper measurements, cushion thickness, ergonomics and so on.   With so many owners having attempted to build their pedicure benches on their own, without the experience and the know-how, there are many pedicure benches that exist in salons and spas today that are not comfortable, falling apart, unsafe and un-functional.  This is unfortunate.  It is a guessing game for anyone without experience to build a pedicure bench, especially when each detail truly matters and when the results can be detrimental to your business with any negative press about the guest’s comfort, safety and experiences.  We can assure our clients that our pedicure benches are built for form, quality, comfort and, yes, technology.

With cleanliness, sanitation and ventilation in nail salons being a national conversation as well as regulated by code, state-of-the-art technology is a critical component to the pedicure bench.  We offer a variety of pedicure sinks that have a non-porous sealed surfaces, easy to clean Pipe-less jets, auto-fill, LED color changing lights, adjustable height foot rests and the ability to integrate a ventilation system easily during the installation.   We will work with your architects, engineers and contractor’s to formulate and recommend the best solution to fit your specific requirements when it comes to technology and the design.  You have options and we can help.

Shall we talk fashion? Yes, please!

We are all about style and we love helping our clients find and realize their ultimate pedicure benches with a look to fit their brand and business. Diamond Tufting, decorative nail heads, tall backs, short backs, damask, black, white, taupe and gray, the list goes on and on.  We have thousands of fabrics from which to choose and if you can dream it, we can build it.  For example, if you want an upholstered arm built-into the bench, we know the specific details about clearances, heights and depth that will allow your guests to feel comfortable and yet get in and out of the bench with ease.  If you want integrated storage, we can do that too.

No matter what your design, your ultimate customizable bench will combine just the right amount of angle to the back, depth to the seat and contour to the foam with a special softness and support to give your guests the feeling that “comfort truly is king/queen”.  We never stray from the original details that have allowed us our success.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Audrey at The Spa by Ivanka Trump

Featuring this amazing installation of our Audrey Pedicure Chair at the Spa by Ivanka Trump in Vancouver.  Such an elegant and beautiful detail - the epitome of style.