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Sunday, October 15, 2017

The Creative Process & My Inspiration

Recently, a client asked me about my technique and how I find originality in my designs.  As I was reflecting on this conversation, my thoughts turned to my creative path, my unfolding of ideas, my expression of insight and how it all starts with that beautiful muse I call inspiration.

Inspiration drives me, so I intentionally seek inspiration.  It fuels the industry that I'm in.  Recognizing what inspires you becomes a reflex because in this field you are continuously envisioning how one element can tie into the next and what product it would work best with.  I am most inspired when I am in a quiet place or during travel, so I try to find multiple ways to carve out that time.

My visit to The Hotel Plaza Athenee in Paris was beyond exquisite, almost like a fairy tale.
It is classical and whimsical at the same time.
The Dior Institute lives here and so does our Pedicure Furniture.  What a dream!

Nature, from her rugged textures to her smoother elements, causes me to think of how patterns and lines work in sync with one another.  This is partly why I am often inspired by the textiles found in fabrics and wall coverings, in addition to interesting sculptural materials and finishes.  Because I am deeply connected to the design community, I am always exposed to materials that are unique and different.  I see a gorgeous fabric and I begin to imagine a piece, such as a pedicure chair, that would bring out the best in the fabric.

I am completely inspired by this over-the-top fabric.
I see this translating to both apparel and a chic interior.

I am also inspired by fashion and art.  I appreciate how creative the human mind is and for me a unique handbag or modern sculpture provides a tangible "voice" to that side of humanity.  Seeing the classical architecture of Paris or spending an afternoon absorbed in a NYC Fashion Week frenzy feeds my creative side.  

I am front row at this Neiman Marcus fashion show taking in the layers,
the textures, the colors and pure style.  Great handbag!

I read a lot of books and magazines, the ones that I can physically touch, not the digital kind.  While I appreciate the digital world, I am most engaged in the physical and the physical is where I find motivation.  To lay something out before you, touch it, live with it - that translates to inspiration for me.  I want the tactile experience of the book, I want to feel the weight of it in my hands.  Creative expression, in any form for me, is a consistent source of renewal.

Inspiration is the life-blood of who I am.  From nature to travel to artistic expression, I have found my "muse" in many different forms all over the world.  Whether I am designing a new piece for a spa or helping breathe life into a client's dream, I am thankful for the many ways my muse encourages me every day.


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