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Sunday, September 10, 2017

2017 NY Fall Fashion Week: Over the Top in Fur

Fur is still very much in fashion, as demonstrated by this fall's NY Fashion week.  A fur coat can be worn glam when you are dressed to the nines or understated “casual cool” with a pair of sneakers making it the “go to” fashion staple in any closet both real and faux.  Fur certainly plays out in today’s interior and I’ve always been a big believer in the overlap of apparel and interior trends. 

Audrey Pedicure Chair styled in Cozy Neutral Lambskin Fur and Damask Accent

When we were styling Audrey, fur seemed like the obvious and appropriate response for a glamorous statement and an unexpected twist while enhancing the classic shape of the chair.  Audrey has a great fashion sense and there is a tremendous opportunity to completely customize her look.  We were excited about how a cozy plush neutral lambskin would work on the interior sides of the chair so that guests would feel welcomed and enveloped by luxury.  In addition, one of the five senses is “touch” and appealing to this sense is crucial for a feeling of relaxation.  Audrey’s fur has a silky softness and superb texture that appeals to this sense. 

Design is in the details.  Fur is a classic staple and will enhance any pedicure experience.

If you are considering fur as an accent on your pedicure chair, consider wear-a-bility and use fur on areas that will receive the least amount of use, even as a simple accent pillow.   Audrey’s lambskin fur is perfectly placed and she is rocking this “over-the-top” couture detail for both form and function.  No traditional pedicure chair could rival her chic style.  Your pedicure chair, too, can be the talk of the town with “fur” being the main topic of their conversation.  Remember:  fashion risks bring fashion rewards.