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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Meet Our Client: Neroli Spa and Beauty Lounge

We recently jumped at the opportunity to talk with Suzanne Owen, owner of Neroli Spa and Beauty Lounge in Charlottesville, VA and a Michele Pelafas design client.  Suzanne shared her thoughts with us about the spa industry at large as well as her personal experience as a long-time client of Michele Pelafas.

You are the founder and owner of Neroli Spa and Beauty Lounge.  Tell us about that journey.  I have spent 20 years in the beauty industry.  I entered the industry as a makeup artist in a salon environment because I love making people feel good about how they look.  I also found myself drawn to the business side of the spa industry which led me to take a position as a spa manager for several brands.  After managing other spas, I felt I was ready to head out on my own and opened Neroli Spa and Beauty Lounge in the original location.  It has been a great adventure!  Everyone at Neroli loves what they do and genuinely cares about the client’s experience.  We are proud to be part of Charlottesville for over 10 years.

You recently moved to a new location and chose Michele Pelafas to create the new space for you.  Tell us about that decision.  We had worked with Michele Pelafas when we created our first location and from that experience we knew she would be the perfect choice for creating our new space.  Michele and I had an instant connection.  She has an incredible sense of style.  Michele also has an ability to really visualize the potential of a space and then make that vision become a reality.  She truly understands what our customers, the spa-goer, want.  As I had said before, client experience is everything.  You need to exceed client expectations every single time.  That starts with the design of the space; it sets the bar for the rest of the experience.  Michele is an absolute professional, there is nobody better out there to work with.  She knows exactly what it takes to wow our clients and delivers it.  In fact, the number one thing we hear when clients walk in is that our spa looks amazing.

What do you think lies ahead for the spa industry?  For high-end spas like ours, we are facing the challenge of time.  People feel guilty about taking the time to take care of themselves.  They think they should be working or with the kids or family rather than spending time in a spa.  So when they do take that time we need to give them a destination not a treatment.  For example, we have a zen garden where clients can relax and have lunch in between treatments.  Every aspect of what we do is focused on taking care of the client.  Spas will need to focus even more on the environment as well as the service.  We definitely recommend Michele Pelafas for any spa looking to create that type of oasis.

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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Behind the Scenes at Michele Pelafas, Inc.

Check out our showroom, salon & spa design studio and salon and spa furniture manufacturing facility in this behind the scenes video.  You will have a sneak peak into the day in the life of Michele.