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Friday, March 14, 2014

Spa Mood Board

There is something serene and peaceful about this confident composition of  hues and contrasts.  The subtle texture, the smooth, shiny, glassy planes and the deep rich tones are graceful, harmonious and elegant.  Light and dark, opaque and transparent, nature and architecture, iridescent and moody leaving space for the human element and the desire to linger, stay, relax.

Friday, March 7, 2014

New to Market: Audrey Pedicure Chair

Audrey pedicure chair and foot spa combines fine furniture with technology for the ultimate pedicure experience.  Audrey truly is the definition of elegance with all of the class and sophistication of its namesake yet with all of the functional requirements of a pedicure spa.  Guests will receive a luxurious and relaxing hydrotherapy foot bath while nestled with the fully upholstered enclosed sides and top that offer guest privacy and sound absorption.  The classic shape will enhance the architectural quality of any room and is available in different color pallets and fabric patterns.  Audrey make a gorgeous and dramatic design statement bringing with it quality, style and innovation. 

 - Magnetic Pipe-less jets that are easy to remove, clean and sanitize
 - Maintains water temperature so that no heater is needed
 - Silent operation for enhanced relaxation
 - Optional LED color changing light and water level sensor
 - Adjustable height footrest
 - Optional back massage
 - True Green Technology, energy saving
 - Designed by Michele Pelafas, Inc and made in the USA

Size:  34"w x 55"d x 70"h

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