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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Beauty Bars

Blow dry bars, color bars, wax bars, make-up & skin bars, nail bars, it is all about the bar today in beauty. For years, beauty has been about the destination and the day spa.  It was a planned, purposeful event or occasion for a getting an up-do, having the nails manicured, spending time with the girls or just wanting to escape.  Over the past several years, "destination" and "day" became "time" and "expense" and just when the economy changed, so did our resources.  And in came the bar.

Well, not really.  It's always been about the bar.  Checking a game, having a cold one, commune with friends, the escape.  But beauty and the bar?  Today you don't have to walk too far to find one. Your neighborhood beauty bar filled with little luxuries is right next to the neighborhood bar where you can still find commune, convenience, an easy escape and oh, yes, a blow dry and a manicure at an affordable price. Nice. We associate the bar with easy times, a relaxed atmosphere, low-stress and spending time with friends.  It only makes sense that our most basic beauty needs are met in that same vein.

Check out these bars where you won't find a Hawks game on the big screen.  You might however, see them serving up a cocktail!

Primp & Blow, A Blow Dry Bar
Interior Design & Round Banquette by Michele Pelafas, Inc.

Beauty Bar, Inc Colorado Springs, CO
Bar Seating & Pedicure Benches by Michele Pelafas, Inc.

J Lounge, Boulder, CO
Bar Seating & Pedicure Benches by Michele Pelafas, Inc


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