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Saturday, November 30, 2013

How to Embrace the Art in Spa

The right piece of art captivates, evokes a memory or a thought, can be re-assuring yet haunting and "still" the mind for deeper contemplation.  In the spa, it can transform, promote healing, inspire and connect your guests to the space.

Atomic Spa Lit Art Wall
When selecting artwork, consider your space and the mood you want to convey not only for your guests but for yourself and your staff.  Artwork is personal so be sure to select pieces that you feel strongly about.

A commissioned piece of art that enhances your brand can make a lasting impression
Size and color are the two major criteria for selecting art to fit its surroundings.  For any particular space, art that is too large will overwhelm and art that is too small will look lost and out of proportion.  The bolder the art, the more room it needs to "breathe".

Cluster artwork in groups for maximum effect.  Don't be afraid to pair photography with abstract art and various mediums of different shapes and sizes to create a unique and sophisticated focal point.

Recessed track lighting provides illumination for this serene focal point
The right lighting is key for showcasing art at its best.  You may find that placing a picture light or track head above a painting is all the art needs to exhibit its brilliance.

Remember, selecting and displaying art for the spa is an art in itself.  Experiment to learn what works and what doesn't from wall placement and color to texture and style.  You'll be rewarded with interesting wall decor that stands the test of time.

Michele Pelafas Bio

Michele Pelafas is a respected and distinguished designer and entrepreneur well-known for her inspiring furniture collections and interior design projects found in hundreds of spas, salons, hospitality and residences across the US and abroad.  Over her expansive career, Michele has collaborated with many of the industry’s leading names and brands and has an extensive portfolio.   She now has one of the fastest growing reputable brands in the industry pioneered by its namesake.

Her brand encompasses an accomplished team of interior designers specializing in the design and development of spas, salons, hotel spas, medical spas, nail spas, retail boutiques, women’s wellness, fitness centers and residences with disciplines in space and floor plan design, computer renderings, lighting, 3D illustrations, color, construction details, theme, feasibility, retail, fixture planning and furniture design.  

Her brand also includes spa-inspired décor, furniture, lighting, textiles, bath products, wall coverings and serveware as well as her signature collections of lounge seating, guest chairs, pedicure chairs, pedicure benches, spa table linens, retail displays and pillows that bare her signature “Blue Label”, synonymous with style, luxury, quality, sophistication and “Made in the USA”.  

Michele’s combined design studio, showroom and manufacturing facility is centrally located near Chicago, Illinois and is where Michele touches every part of her business from sketching and branding to product launches, interior design and over-seeing the smallest of details in sewing, upholstery and wood frame construction, working closely with her fine craftspeople and design team.  Within this culture, she can easily influence the fundamental building blocks of real and raw design for endless possibilities.

These possibilities include bringing spa style to the home so that consumers can experience that feeling of a relaxing destination escape in their everyday with design ideas and products found in hospitality and spa.  Her e-commerce site is filled with hand-selected spa-inspired products that were carefully chosen by her and her design team so that consumers can feel confident with every designer-backed selection that they purchase.  They can also find inspiration, interior design advice, trends and tips for creating an at-home spa or spa environment.

As a leader in the spa and beauty industry, Michele has influenced the interior landscape throughout her career with her design and furniture, and she continues to shape the industry with her successful brand and products.  Michele is a licensed interior designer with an extensive sales, marketing and corporate background.  She graduated with honors from the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in interior design.  Michele has been featured in industry trade publications including Salon Today, Day Spa, Nails Inc, American Salon and American Spa magazines and has been an educational speaker at industry trade shows including The Esthetic Convention, Midwest Beauty Show, Premier Beauty Show and ISSE, Long Beach, California.

Michele's company embodies her personal style and passion which is inspired by her love for fashion, travel and trends.  However, her greatest passion is creating value and meaning in the smallest of details that make a difference in people's lives through her designs and the interior environment.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Nail Spa Design

Michele Pelafas, Inc. is the premier resource for today's nail spa and salon including professional design services, strategic interior planning, custom manufacturing, wholesale spa equipment, furniture and accessories for today's nail spa and salon.  From floor plans and lighting to custom pedicure chairs and benches, we are dedicated to exceptional service, quality and providing the finest in nail spa design and luxury across the US and abroad.

If you are planning a new, remodel or expansion nail spa or salon project, give us a call.  We have extensive experience in the design and development of nail spa and salon interiors; our team of experienced designers can help you create your project to fit your brand, budget and style.  We work with owners, operators, chains and franchise companies in all aspects of nail spa design from conceptual planning to construction details and installation.  One resource, one company.

Elmhurst Memorial Hospital, Women's Mammogram & Ultrasound Department

One of our most rewarding projects was creating the spa-inspired environment for the newly opened Elmhurst Memorial Hospital's women's mammogram and ultrasound department in Elmhurst, Illinois.

Diagnostic Waiting Area is Soothing & Relaxing
Our goal was to enhance the patient experience with spa-inspired interior design details to effectively promote wellness, provide comfort and reduce patient anxiety while maintaining the highest level of standards for a professional clinical environment.

Unexpected and special details decreases patient stress
Through effective and strategic design, each patient is cared for in a soothing, nurturing and comfortable environment to reduce stress, promote wellness and facilitate healing.

Reading Corner in Women's Mammogram & Ultrasound Lounge Area
Our services included conceptual design and development, space planning, lighting design, color analysis, artwork and wall decor, detailed accessorizing, furniture design, procurement and staging.

Patients are offered lemon and cucumber-infused water & snacks

Inspired by the spa industry, medical facilities are changing to be more relaxing and calming, one that positively effects how patients respond to treatments, connect to their environment and heal the mind, body and spirit.

Our Company

Michele Pelafas Inc is a leading design firm in the SPA, BEAUTY and MEDICAL SPA industry. Clients include spas, salons, women’s and wellness centers, medical spas, nail salons, healthcare facilities, hotel spas and fitness centers. Michele Pelafas Inc provides professional design consultation and strategic interior planning while integrating custom manufacturing, procurement and wholesale spa equipment and furniture to owners, operators, consultants, architects and designers across the US and abroad.

Principal and founder, designer Michele Pelafas, has over 16 years of experience in the spa, beauty and medical spa industry with hundreds of projects in her portfolio including award winning designs. She is an educator and expert in the design field, frequent speaker at industry trade shows and featured in industry trade publications. Michele's company embodies her personal style and passion which is inspired by her love for fashion, travel and trends. However, her greatest passion is creating value and meaning in the smallest of details that make a difference in people’s lives through her designs and the interior environment.

Michele Pelafas, Inc. offers conceptual and comprehensive design and interior planning in all facets: programming, schematic, development and construction with disciplines in space & floor plan design, computer renderings, 3D illustrations, lighting, color, construction details, theme, feasibility, retail & fixture planning and furniture design with manufacturing.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Beauty Bars

Blow dry bars, color bars, wax bars, make-up & skin bars, nail bars, it is all about the bar today in beauty. For years, beauty has been about the destination and the day spa.  It was a planned, purposeful event or occasion for a getting an up-do, having the nails manicured, spending time with the girls or just wanting to escape.  Over the past several years, "destination" and "day" became "time" and "expense" and just when the economy changed, so did our resources.  And in came the bar.

Well, not really.  It's always been about the bar.  Checking a game, having a cold one, commune with friends, the escape.  But beauty and the bar?  Today you don't have to walk too far to find one. Your neighborhood beauty bar filled with little luxuries is right next to the neighborhood bar where you can still find commune, convenience, an easy escape and oh, yes, a blow dry and a manicure at an affordable price. Nice. We associate the bar with easy times, a relaxed atmosphere, low-stress and spending time with friends.  It only makes sense that our most basic beauty needs are met in that same vein.

Check out these bars where you won't find a Hawks game on the big screen.  You might however, see them serving up a cocktail!

Primp & Blow, A Blow Dry Bar
Interior Design & Round Banquette by Michele Pelafas, Inc.

Beauty Bar, Inc Colorado Springs, CO
Bar Seating & Pedicure Benches by Michele Pelafas, Inc.

J Lounge, Boulder, CO
Bar Seating & Pedicure Benches by Michele Pelafas, Inc